Terms and Conditions


As a student, you are a 'consumer' of education and are entitled to protection within the law. In support of that, we ask you to agree to our Student Terms and Conditions when you initially register with us, and when you complete continuing registration. 

  • Student’ refers to anyone enrolled with the Institution irrespective of their registration status.
  • The student is presumed to have read, agreed and accepted these terms & conditions.
  • The student hereby confirms that he/she is 17 years of age or more on the day of his/her course booking.
  • You must register with us before you start your studies.
  • The course and/or app logins, course materials and access to live online classes provided to the student will be for his/her use only. The student agrees to not distribute the same to others or reproduce any course material, in any form or manner.
  • Only students who are registered have access to our classes and services.
  • For you to receive the application form, you must first make a payment for application
  • Students can apply at anytime
  • Students has to pay the first installment payments in order to be put in class
  • Students can apply for theological studies at any time.
  • A student  has to finish all the payments (TUSION and GRADUATION fee) in order to receive the certificate at graduation ceremony
  • No student will write the exam before paying the exam fee.
  • Diligence is expected from all students to enhance effective relationship with the Lecturers.
  • Assignment must be submitted in designated due day. Failure to do so discipline is exercised.
  • The school reserves the right to expel a student (without any refund) if he/she steals SCHOOL property (digital), who is disruptive, is rude to or who harasses any course participant and/or staff member. 
  • The student is responsible for his/her equipment and software to enable him/her to do this course.
  • The student will receive the certificate (s) at the graduation ceremony 
  • Movements from one class to another will be allowed by school only if places are available and before the start of courses. Additional fees may apply, at the sole discretion of the school 


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