Cornerstone Institutions Accreditation Center Forum: A Global Network of Educational Excellence

Cornerstone Institutions Accreditation Center Forum, based in the picturesque town of Kamuchanga in Mufulira, Copperbelt, Zambia, stands as a beacon of educational excellence and international collaboration. Registered with the Government of Zambia under PACRA Reg. No: 120230048883, this institution has forged strong partnerships and affiliations with esteemed organizations worldwide, contributing to its mission of providing quality education. The recent appointment of PROF. BISHOP MUTEBA JOSHUA MPALANGA as a GLOBAL HEAD OF EDUCATIONS marks a significant milestone in the institution's journey.

Global Accreditation and Partnerships:
Cornerstone Institutions proudly boasts associations with reputable organizations such as Isibusiso Solwazi Apostolic Ministries and the Council of Churches and Bible School in South Africa. These partnerships underscore the institution's commitment to diverse and holistic educational approaches. The International Interdisciplinary Innovation Center of Life in the Russian Federation and the International European Accreditation Forum ISO in Macedonia further enhance Cornerstone's global recognition, ensuring that its educational standards align with international benchmarks.

Spiritual and Evangelistic Collaborations:
The institution's collaboration with the Evangelistic Powerful Movement of Jesus Christ Clergy Council in South Africa and the Christian Accreditation Council Commission in Nigeria highlights its dedication to a values-based education system. These partnerships enrich the academic environment by incorporating ethical and spiritual dimensions into the learning experience, fostering well-rounded individuals prepared for both intellectual and moral challenges.

The recent appointment of PROF. BISHOP MUTEBA JOSHUA MPALANGA as the Director of Cornerstone Institutions Accreditation Center Forum adds a new chapter to the institution's success story. With all rights, privileges, and honors appertaining, PROF. BISHOP MUTEBA JOSHUA MPALANGA brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. His appointment strengthens the institution's global presence and signifies its commitment to fostering international collaboration in the field of education.

Commitment to Excellence:
Cornerstone Institutions' commitment to excellence is reflected in its diverse affiliations and accreditations. The organization continually strives to provide a world-class education that not only meets but exceeds international standards. The multifaceted partnerships with organizations from different continents demonstrate a dedication to creating a truly global educational network.

As Cornerstone Institutions Accreditation Center Forum continues to expand its global footprint, the appointment of  PROF. BISHOP MUTEBA JOSHUA MPALANGA as GLOBAL HEAD OF EDUCATIONS solidifies its commitment to fostering international collaboration and educational excellence. The institution's partnerships with organizations from South Africa, Russia, Macedonia, and Nigeria, among others, showcase a dedication to providing a well-rounded and globally competitive education. In doing so, Cornerstone Institutions stands as a cornerstone in the edifice of global educational institutions, shaping future leaders and contributing to the advancement of knowledge worldwide.

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